Gypsy Rose is for sale -$3600

We’d love for anyone interested to come see her.  Please email me at to set up an appointment.  Thanks

Located just outside of Philadelphia.  Delivery within 100 miles is available for an additional cost.

My precious Gypsy Rose is my first Glamper full renovation.  When I bought her my wanderlust had reached a feverish pitch and I NEEDED a way to take my kids on adventures without breaking the bank.  My requirements were that I could hitch her up to my SUV (Acura MDX) easily, and that I could set her up and tear her down by myself if necessary.  I needed room to fit us comfortably and a place we could also bring along a friend or two if we wanted.

She underwent a full face-lift when I bought her.  I tore everything out and spent night and day working on her in my driveway, while my kids came in and out demanding meals and such.

I used indoor/outdoor fabric on all the cushions so they could withstand the beating a camping family could give her.  I needed her to be beautiful while being functional.

All the original window treatments got trashed, so I custom made blackout curtains that provide very nice sun blockage in the morning.  (I pull them off and fold them when we tear down so they don’t get wrinkled.)

Jay Groff custom-designed a beautiful new table-top that he screwed directly into the old table, creating a stunning piece that can still be used as a base for the third bed if needed.  (Everything folds down flat and the cushions connect to form a third king-size bed.)

The pull out beds are both king-size and will include a 2-inch foam topper for each bed.

The air conditioner is ice cold and the heat works great.  We’ve used both in different climates and slept very comfortably.

No bathroom, but there is a hide-away potty that sits under the counter to the right when you walk in the door.  (It’s helpful for the kids at night.) The sink hooks up easily and works great for washing up.

We never cooked inside, but the stove-top has been tested and works.

Gypsy Rose has tons of storage, and all the benches open up with storage underneath, as well as drawers and cabinets in the kitchen area.  There’s also a pull-down bar for hanging storage above the counter to the right of the door.

Included is an outdoor stove that connects to the central propane line.  (It lives in the trunk storage.) Speaking of the trunk, it is huge and can hold a ton of gear.

Full disclosure: There is an awning, but I’ve never taken it down.  There is also a screened-in porch included that I’ve never set up.

1996 Coleman Keywest
Length- 25’9″
Weight- 2129
Sleeps- 9

Contact for more information-




20 thoughts on “Gypsy Rose is for sale -$3600

  1. Wow! I wish I lived closer to Philadelphia! I absolutely love what you’ve done with your camper. We are in the market for one (ourd is a 70’s model with no air). Unfortunately, we’re in North Carolina near Greensboro. Best of luck. Hope your Gypsy Rose finds a good home!

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  2. I’m not in the market for a Gypsie Rose but just wanted to let you know what a great job you did. I’m sure it wont take long to find a home for your jewel!


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